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I'm Passionate Writer & Blogger. I love to share Stories based on Thrill, Horror, Adventure, Sci-Fi and Mythology.

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About Me

Above & Beyond

I am Mayur Kulkarni. Postgraduate from The University of pune, during Postgraduation I focussed on a competitive internship with Suzuki cars. As a product marketing manager, It enabled me to help many companies improve their margins and react to emerging products by the audience. I have brought the company I worked for dedication and positive outcomes since I love product perception, marketing, and corporate statistics. I work now as a cloud computing engineer in MNC. learning technologies including artificial intelligence, foreign languages, and analytical tools for people. Great faith in the strength of positive thought in life and the work.

A great lover of music throughout life enjoys playing pop, hip-hop, and Western music. I'm a blogger who incorporates both stories and technical blogging. Love to travel on hill roads & highway for lengthy rides.

I have own YouTube channel & hosting a travel vlogs. Cook excellent delicious food and serves with pleasure.

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My Works

Below are some of my works. I am an Actor, Host, Chef, Technical Writer and Story Teller.

Writing technical blogs on Cloud Computing and other latest technologies.

JD Bots

Hosting the channel and giving an insight of beautiful travel destinations.

Travel Tales

Short Movies channel where I worked as an Actor. More roles to come in future.

Dewiride Creations

Being a Chef, I create delicious home recipes and give out the recipes to you.


Writing Stories, blogs on various genres including Horror, thriller, love, etc.

MK Spectrum

Writing Stories, blogs on various genres including Horror, thriller, love, etc.


Featured Projects

Not a Love Story | A Silent Short Movie | Based on True Story

A Silent Short Movie. Directed By - JD, Introducing - Mayur Kulkarni & Evette Mark

Pune Diaries | Marunji Hill Trek

A quick trek to go on weekends. Dangerous but exciting. Host - Mayur Kulkarni, Special Thanks - Omi & Saurav, Directed By - JD, Edited By - JD, Mayur Kulkarni

College Website Management System

This is a web oriented application allows us to access the whole information about the college, staffs, students, facilities etc. This application provides a virtual tour of Campus. Here we will get the latest information about the students and staffs.

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Love Your Nature

We would be able to get clean sunlight, clean glass-like water, and chest-filling wind through the Western Development Scheme, Tiger Reserve, Social Afforestation, Forest Farming, Sanctuaries, National Parks, and other schemes.

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Connect with me for your requirement. I will be able to help else I will divert you to someone who might be able to help you.

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